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November 10th - December 23rd 2023


Her current bodies of work are related to place, experience and pattern. Reflections of simple forms and shapes (from basketry designs, natural materials such as shells or plant life, as well as architectural elements and geometrical forms) have become overlays for landscape imagery. The juxtaposed images are a visual interpretation her experiences.

“I hope I can also impress upon those who meet me and/or see my work, that Native peoples are immeasurably tied to the land. While we live in a modern world, our beliefs reflect what we’ve been taught historically and traditionally, and as a Native artist, I think those beliefs are important in the context of our tribal communities, Native art community, and in the greater Art community. I want to recognize the designs of our ancestors while also exploring my interpretation of the patterns and imagery around me. “ -Karma Henry

Karma Henry (Paiute/Italian/Portugeuse)

    300 South Thomas Street
Pomona, CA 91766
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