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Soul Stories: Uniting Spirit and Matter Abstractly
Mar 8th – Apr 12th


March Art-talk has been canceled


There are several threads uniting these four artists with distinctive approaches to their art. For one, each of those individual working artists possess a work ethic that is both admirable and necessary given the nature of their work. Process - rather than product would underscore their bodies of work. Put simply, it’s all about the work, not the “talk.” I think there is an inherent spirituality in the four artists’ work - something which I consider to be of greater value than religion. They and their work are bridge-building.

  21st Art-Talk | Soul Stories      

Fr. Bill Moore

Brandon Neher 

Karen Kauffman
Sumi Foley
Stephen Ryback

          Curator:  Fr Bill Moore   
  Artists: Sumi Foley, Karen Kauffman, Brandon Neher & Stephen Rybacki  



World War II: A Look Back | Apr 26th – May 31st


Artists:  Millard Sheets &  Milford Zornes
Curator: Gene Sasse

  18th Art-Talk | An evening with Mitch Dobrowner    

Mitch Dobrowner has been chasing storms since 2009, traveling throughout Western and Midwestern America to capture nature in its full fury. Making photographs in the tradition of Ansel Adams, to the highest standard of craftsmanship, Dobrowner creates extraordinary black-and-white images of monsoons, tornados and massive thunderstorms conjure awe and wonder.


Looking back at two WWII artists seventy five years latter.

During World War II, the relations between art and war can be articulated around two main issues. First, art (and, more generally, culture) found itself at the centre of an ideological war. Second, during World War II, many artists found themselves in the most difficult conditions and their works are a testimony to a powerful "urge to create." Such creative impulse can be interpreted as the expression of self-preservation, a survival instinct in critical times.
  26th | Opening Reception 2-5pm      


  Art-Talk 16th 9-8pm      

World War II: A Look Back

Hal Baker & Tony Sheets – discussing the time Sheet & Zornes were in China, India & Burma during WWII
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