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Published: Jun 2022

Interview with Steven Rudin

Steven Rudin is a visual artist, speaker, teacher, and psychiatrist based in New York City.  Rudin reimagines hand-cut paper collage as a metaphor for memory and identity. A blend of precision and whimsy, his multilayered compositions draw viewers into a dialogue about the dynamic nature of the mind. Based on his expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy, his art philosophy examines how stories can be put together in many different ways using the same parts.  His lively exhibitions, talks, and classes encourage participants to visualize their inner lives as collage.

time 55:30
Published: Apr 2022

Art & Stories

This conversation is with four  artists from the exhibit Art & Stories. The talk is hosted by: John Brantingham with artists Nancy Torbitt-Stewart, Susan Ossman, Cindy Rinne & Denise Weyhrich.

time 50:49
Published: Mar 2022

Art & Stories

This conversation is with four  artists from the exhibit Art & Stories. The talk is hosted by: John Brantingham with artists John Sollom, Maudi Carlile, John Otter, and Lisa Segal.

Published: Mar 2022

The Art Talks Live: Artists from Ireland

The Art Talk from Switzerland on “Artists from Ireland “ is delighted to show you the wonderful art conversation with curator and artist Maurice Quillinan , Gene Sasse, Founder and Director of the Sasse Museum of Art and some of the 12 extraordinary contemporary Irish artists Una Sealy, Diane Henshaw and Sile Walsh , who participated in “Artists from Ireland “ with their inspiring 26 art works. It is fascinating to feel the motivational force from every artists’ perspective.

time 1:35:08
Published: Jan 2022

Artists from Ireland

This talk is centered on 4 artists from the online exhibit Artists from Ireland. The talk is hosted by: John Brantingham with artists Maurice Quillnan, Una Sealy & Abigail O’ Brien from Ireland & Niamh Cunningham from China.

time 57:20
Published: Dec 2021


This December art-talk is hosted by: John Brantingham, Writer, Professor & Poet Laureate in Los Angeles with artists:
Chess Brodnick, Psychotherapist and Artist in Los Angeles 
Mary-Ann Prack, Painter and Sculptor in North Carolina
Wendy Widell Wolff, Artist in Los Angeles

Published: Dec 2020
time 55:52

All about Paper

This art-talk is hosted by: John Brantingham with artists:
Curator: Yuntong "Momo" Wu
Artists: Sumi Foley, Lisa Segal & Jessie Seo

time 53:37

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