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The Art of Ginger Lai Catalog

8.5"x8.5" Soft cover 56





The Ginger Lai approach is simple; the bare canvas is to be explored through color, form and texture, depicting dynamically her inner sub-conscious. Like a Rorschach ink blot on steroids, her energy paintings disregard representational line, form and predisposed symbols, spurring the viewer to experience the painting with no preconceived notions and create a personal meaning ------ which is tantamount to Ginger’s creative process. In effect, her art forces the audience to become the artist, positing their own existential content to each work and thusly turning the stale roles of artist and viewer topsy-turvy.

The art of Ginger Lai refutes the archaic psychological and artistic symbols that litter our cultural graveyards. It is grounded “In the now”. She paints what she feels, bravely outing her subconscious for all to see and participate in an act of shared creation.

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