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June 12th - June 27th 2021


ILLUSION INTRUSION | in the progress gallery


Curator: Momo (Yuntong) Wu

Artist: Alan Swartz

Art is my life! Just about every waking moment of every day I am thinking about or making some form of art. I don’t know what I would do if I were not creating art. I am fascinated by old mechanical devices and parts. I love browsing through thrift shops and garage sales to find interesting ‘found objects.  I get inspired by going to art showings, but now I go online to study what other artists are doing. 

​One shared aspect is the all-important thinking processes, prior to painting or sculpting, are exactly the same for me. Sculpture is a special kind of constructive process that strengthens my painting by helping me think in multiple dimensions.



Art-Talk June 19th | 7pm


Please join us for our next live Art-Talk this year with John Brantingham discussing Words and Images a conversation between some of the artists and poets of Mt. San Antonio College’s arts and creative writing programs.




June 12th - July 24th 2021


Words and Images | in the east gallery


Curator: John Brantingham

Artist: Ann Brantingham, Peter Churchill, Kendall Johnson, Melissa Macias

Poets: John Brantingham, Kate Flannery, Kendall Johnson, Trevor Losh-Johnson, Francesca Terzano, Thomas Thomas, Aruni Wijesinghe

Words and Images is a conversation between some of the artists and poets of Mt. San Antonio College’s arts and creative writing programs. Poets respond to the visual pieces of several of the artists who have been professors or students in the college’s programs.

It focuses on how ekphrasis, poetry about art, can help to extend, discuss, or even challenge the vision of the artist. This exhibit questions traditional ways of presenting poetry. It does not have to be bound in a book to have meaning. The people who enjoy poetry do not have to read it in a traditional space. It can be a living part of the world, not a rarefied art form that exists only in bookstores and universities.



May 8th - Jul 10th 2021


Portraits from the Collection | in the collection gallery


Curator: Gene Sasse

Artist: Imogen Cunninghan, Edward Curtis, Bruce Hall, Franz Hanfstaengl, Heinz Hardenberg, Dorothea Lange, Gina Lawson-Egan, Joanna Mersereau, Deenagh Miller, Phil Paradise, Snezana Saraswati Petrovic, Edward Weston, Judy Zhu

When you look at the portraits in the collection, do they play into or challenge your preconceived notions about the subject or a group to which they belong… child, adult, couple, family, ethnic group?

And what do any of these things tell us about the subject, or the artist?   Or ourselves?

If these portraits from the collection raise any of these questions as you view them, then the artists have accomplished their purpose.





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