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Now-Sep 25th

Parables, Tributes & Journeys of Faith | Denise Kufus Weyhrich | progress gallery & east gallery

Parables, historic stories, epitaphs and memorials…these journeys are all treasures. The dynamic life stories of friends, great-grands, folks and kids…their voices, their life struggles and triumphs are both a fascination and inspiration for me. As my life too has taken many turnabouts, my artworks relate and reflect that long and winding path. After surviving stage IV cancer, each artwork becomes a vehicle of personal battle, trust, healing and praise, all wrapped in metaphor to encourage and inspire.



Now - Aug 21st

Processes | small east gallery | curated by: Nyx Alexandra

This exhibit regards some of the many processes occurring within and around us. Six artists bring forth unique depictions that remind us how these processes that are familiar to us mirror each other to reflect the essence of our world. Their works offer a novel moment to contemplate a deeper understanding of the relationships we have with the transformational nature of our reality. Made evident through the Arts time and time again, is the state of flow that our internal and external worlds seem to always be in. Our universe has remained this way, it is what brought everything into existence, therefore can be confided in and appreciated. The artworks presented here are portals by which we
can do just this.

Featured Artists: Heath Rössler, Alcira Mendoza, Shayne Mitchell, Leah Stemmann, Yumeng Zhang,
Jessica Talamantes



Now - Aug 21st

Hypothesis 10 | collection gallery

A hypothesis is a temporary condition in which thoughts are waiting to be verified or to be proven wrong. It is a stage where thoughts are all equal. A hypothesis is one step before the dreamers become prophets who tell the unknown truth, or liars who have nothing more than their own fantasies.

Sang Chi Liu’s first solo exhibition, Hypothesis 10, challenges the old questions in a new, very digitized context. From text, to multimedia performance, to virtual reality game, they ask: What do we look like with our mechanical prostheses? What are the new challenges of contemporary relationships? What is on the unseeable side of our most familiar moon? With Liu's hypotheses, let's see if they are a fool, a genius, a dreamer or merely a liar.





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