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Jan 8th 11th-30th


Women Artists Exhibition | progress & east gallery


This group exhibition showcases over 40 artworks, featuring 6 artists who work with diverse mediums—painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramic, and installation. 

Celebrating the diversity of femininity, this exhibition collaborates with The dA Center of Arts and aims to bring together the female artists not only from Pomona, but also from overseas. The artists who come from different cultural backgrounds show their expertise and passion in their interest and interpretations of art. We hope you will perceive the female characters in the works, and to learn the stories of each artist.

With artists: Nyx Alexandra, Leslie Brown, Quincey Grace, Sangchi Liu, Nicole Owens, Amy Weliky


Now - Feb 12th


Andera Willow: Torsos | small east gallery

My questions have involved the location of wisdom. Does it reside, develop, and grow in the body? The brain? The early wisdom-that which the body retains though the brain forgets-this body wisdom is primary in my practice. I use it to make art and pursue it by making art. My intent is that the completed painting remains a query rather than a solution or an answer.

Art-Talk - Jan 15th | 7pm


Please join us for our next zoom Art-Talk
with Maurice Quillnan talking about our electronic catalog Artists from Ireland and John Brantingham
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Now - Feb 28th


Ron Blanchard | Fractals


Ron has discovered a mode of creation that taps into universal wonderment and of all things, it is based on mathematics. A simple line can be turned and twisted into an exquisite complexity, the intricate beauty of a mathematical equation; the elegance of patterns. 








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