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Oct 8th -31st


Jonathan Puls: Gatherings| progress gallery & east gallery


This exhibition is a gathering of selections from a few parallel and sometimes interrelated bodies of work that I continuously develop in differing rhythms.  Shown here are several examples of my observational paintings of figures, urban landscapes, natural landscapes, and still life.  The larger figurative paintings in the exhibition are studio compositions in which I gather together figures and urban landscape elements from my observational drawings and paintings.  In these larger compositions, I have allowed the themes of each individual painting to emerge over time as the figures and spaces suggest new directions. While I have tended to show these bodies of work separately as they fit into the themes of group and solo exhibitions, for the present exhibition I elected to show a sampling of my various interests.   


Christopher Kasaras


The art of Christopher Kasaras in the East Gallery. October 9th - 30th



Art-Talk | Oct 16th | 7pm


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Now - Dec 12th


Joanna Mersereau Watercolors | Collection Gallery


With a strong pallet of vibrant colors, Joanna Mersereau gave us a glimpse of her world through her art. With an eye for design and form that came from a background incorporating a love for architectural design as well as a passion to create beauty, she “painted what she saw” and wanted to share her world with others. She painted her way through the beautiful countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea, throughout Mexico, Guatemala, and here in the United States, Joanna has produced hundreds of pieces that reflect the loveliness of her surroundings.

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Oct 17th -Dec 12th


Eileen Senner: Torsos | small east gallery


My questions have involved the location of wisdom. Does it reside, develop, and grow in the body? The brain? The early wisdom-that which the body retains though the brain forgets-this body wisdom is primary in my practice. I use it to make art and pursue it by making art. My intent is that the completed painting remains a query rather than a solution or an answer.





Gallery address:
300 South Thomas Street
Pomona, California 91766
email: momo@theprogressgallery.com
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