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Jun 11th-Jul 31sth

Remembering Mary Hughes: artworks 1973-2022 | east gallery

Glimpses is a solo exhibition by Karen Kauffman, showcasing a body of her recent artworks including watercolor, acrylic, and watercolor paintings. Her work utilizes organic brushstrokes and carving techniques to manifest the unity of humanity and nature. 



Now - June 19th

Steve Schmidt: Off the Floor | small east gallery

Artists typically abide by a set of rules in their practice—and these rules are often dictated by the materials that are used. The goal is for the materials to show you the way.

Steve Schmidt uses corrugated plastic panels, formerly used as drop cloths to protect the floor during installations at the Long Beach Museum of Art. A process of dissecting each panel creates building blocks for his canvas; each piece is examined, rotated and arranged in varying
interlocking compositions.

These panels have collected drips, stains, splatters and accidents that Schmidt finds irresistibly
beautiful. The artist uses these readymade paintings in a series of collages that explore the
language of mark making from the ground up. Steve Schmidt is based in Long Beach, California
and has exhibited in the Netherlands, nationally and extensively in Los Angeles.



Now - May 15th

The SAE: Student Exhibit | Progress Callery
Each of us witnesses the world from a different perspective through unique thoughts and emotions. We each build on a different set of experiences collected through life. As viewers of this exhibit we find that each piece can and will add insight into each of our life stories. Icons and symbols are everywhere; some are powerful and universally recognized while others are subtle and must be carefully mined. Without words they build bridges between ideas, events, people and objects.


Zoom Art-Talks 3rd Saturday of the Month

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