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April 8th - 30th 2021


at the Progress Gallery in Pomona

This body of work explores how the horizontal and vertical interact; as they relate to birth and death, the spiritual and the physical, water and vapor, matter and spirit. The boat forms hover in the horizontal liminal space between the fluidity of liquid and the intangibility of air; functioning as a kind of container for the human spirit.

The works exist as a way of seeing in association with the power of memory, suffering and hope. The boat forms and the nests are symbolic of an internal journey, of silent prayer, of transitional spaces; quietly impacting the area around them or the viewer who comes close.

300 South Thomas Street | Pomona, CA 91766

For Appointments: (909) 461-3332

Curator:  Momo Wu

Art-Talk Apr 17th |7pm


Please join us for our next Art-Talk for a live talk with William Catling. The talk will also be broadcast via zoom.

Password: ps076KnSw1

Please log on a few minutes before the talk starts. We look forward to seeing everyone on our next talk.



May 8th - 30th 2021


Group Exhibit:


Alex Jansen | Brandon Monkwood | Lisa Segal | Evelyn Yin


300 South Thomas Street | Pomona, CA


This exhibition invited interdisciplinary artists with the backgrounds of archaeology, sociology, poetry, and instrument-furniture design. The artists incorporate their knowledges and researches with the artworks, manifesting dynamic perspectives alternative interpretations on art. The exhibiting works in diverse forms are integrated with sculpting, documenting, writing, composing, and social investigation methodologies, which reveals the connection between multiple subject realms and logic of ideations.

As contemporary art has been consolidated with different studies and methods, the artwork questions the definition of the boundary of art. This exhibition will examine the traditional expectation of fine art and the significance of institutional art trainings. Artists with multi-disciplinary backgrounds who has powerful resources to use reveal the interaction between comprehensive practices and disciplines, and the depth, breadth, and diversification of art.



Art-Talk May 15th |7pm

Gallery address:
300 South Thomas Street
Pomona, California 91766

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