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Now - Nov 27th

Exposed | west gallery

UOOORS, a collective of visual artists practicing in one or more disciplines of painting, photography, film, and mixed media have joined to examine the  transformational and accessible nature of photography as adapted by artists in various forms and contexts such as experimental, photo based, and social practice. The group focuses on projects from multiple points of view with unpredictable overlaps generated by the participants.  UOOORS was conceived of and initially organized by Fatemeh Burnes and Mei Xian Qiu.  This is the group's first public exhibition.

Artists: Fatemeh Burnes, Aline Mare, John David O'Brien, Naida Osline, Mei Xian Qiu, Neal Taylor



Now - Nov 27th

Photography Past & Present | east gallery

This exhibit explores the early years of photography through the present day,including but not limited to: Mitch Dobrowner, Imogen Cunninghan, Jerry Uelsmann, Ansel Adams, Bruce Hall, Hyun-Sook Lee, Gene Sasse plus many more.



Now - Nov 16th

Photography of Mike & Nancy Carenen | small west gallery

Wildlife and landscape are the main subjects for this photographic duo. Nancy predominantly works in black and white: “Rarely do I come across something in color that I absolutely like. I see it better in black and white. I think I pull out more interest with strong clouds, with the kiss of light on a trail or something similar.”

Mike works both in black and white and color, and occasionally duotones his work. His photography is a study of details and textures, while also appreciating beautiful landscapes and minimal scenery. While Nancy prefers to shoot in the early morning, they are both happy to shoot at all hours of the day.



Now - Nov 27th

From the Torso Project | small east gallery

The torso was highly admired in the Renaissance for its powerful modeling, becoming an object of artists’ inspi-ration and veneration. This exhibit has 15 of the torsos from the fundraiser we held last year. These torsos are available for a $200 donation.



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