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Now - Aug 27th

Art of Abstraction: the language of visual poetry | west gallery

The Language of Visual Poetry is a unique form of artistic expression that transcends traditional boundaries of language and communicates through the power of abstraction. It is a language that relies on the interplay between colors, shapes, lines, and textures to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and challenge our perception of reality. In this exhibit, we will explore the art of abstraction and how it serves as the language of visual poetry, offering a new perspective on the world around us. more info...



Now - Aug 19th

Lori Markman: Magical Landscapes | small east gallery

In an effort to better visualize her own journey with mental health, contemporary artist Taylor Moon Castagnari looked towards her eight years of experience as a cheerleader. She observed an obsession with balance and equilibrium both in American cheerleading and self-help psychology books and sought to reflect it representationally in her art. more info...



Now - Aug 9th

Shen: The Sacred Art of Love | small west gallery

People are inherently inquisitive. When viewing portraits, we wonder about the person and his or her story. The portrait transforms the ordinary person into the extraordinary. And, the extraordinary becomes comprehensible. Here is a fellow human being with an expression, a gesture, or a mood that we can understand. So, what is the story of this person? more info...



Now - Jun 30th

Azusa Pacific University: Middle Ground | east gallery

This exhibition features the work of Cohort 16 of Azusa Pacific University's Visual Arts MFA Program. These six artists vary greatly in their methods of creating. There are works of watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, photography and digital media. Despite their difference in appearance, the work actually emanates from a similar place. A middle ground where each artist has found a memory, or moment of significance to themselves that also is connected to a common thread flowing through to the others. A thread of faith, of empathy, of appreciation for the ordinary, of sitting with the unknown. This thread is woven throughout the gallery and extends the invitation to those willing to contemplate what has brought them to where they are today and what ground the thread may land on within them. more info...


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