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The Sasse Museum of Art is a gathering place to celebrate the inspiring and transformative power of arts and culture and to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world.

Art museums are the sole bastion for maintaining public accessibility to artifacts of culture and history, and not losing those artifacts to exclusively private ownership. In spite of this noble goal, however, the classic model of a museum has sometimes been likened more to a mausoleum than to a lively center for art, history, and culture:  admission fees, guards, and other restrictions are all designed to limit direct access to the culture and art that is being housed. 

While many museums have slowly been developing beyond this classic model, the Sasse Museum of Art has been ahead of its contemporaries from its inception.  From its founding, the Sasse has always been a museum of the people. Its original contributors were and remain local artists and private collectors, and a wide circle of supporters who donated work because they believed in the importance of cultural leadership in the surrounding area.

Today, the Sasse Museum offers a living, almost organic experience with art.  Artists themselves come to The Sasse Museum to talk with fellow artists, to support each others’ work, and to engage with Southern California art enthusiasts—some of whom are experienced collectors, and some who just come to learn and to question at one of the monthly Art Talks. 

The Sasse leads in another sense as well. Digital presence is rapidly becoming a foundational aspect of how a museum can serve the community. The Sasse’s founding director, Gene Sasse, is a professional photographer who has digitalized the museum’s collections and made exhibits accessible to an international online audience. Thus, not only has the Sasse opened its doors to art talks, artist demonstrations, and art education activities, but the collection, presentations, exhibits, catalogues are also offered online. There are now over thirty published catalogues and electronic books available on line for free, 24/7. Viewership of these materials has grown to become a global audience.

This is the essence of this exceptional museum: deeply connected to community and to broad-based conversations about art and culture.  It is also strongly invested in Southern California art and artists in a way that is diverse, creative, and accessible.  Everyone who visits has a voice in this place, making the Sasse Museum of Art uniquely positioned to meet an uncertain and challenging future.

Distant Perspectives exhibit: from Eastern Europe exhibit
    Line: Five Different Stories exhibit  
Line: Five Different Stories exhibit
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