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  Art is rest. Art is stimulation. Art gives the viewer the ability to step outside of his or her life and to take a breath. To appreciate the beauty that is in front of them, to be challenged to assess something new, possibly something unfamiliar, and come away with a sense of connection to something bigger than themselves and an appreciation of how we all connect through the medium of creativity. Art refreshes our souls and engages our minds.   
      Sasse Museum of Art:  Dear Vincent A psychologist turned artist writes back to Van Gogh  
  Couples & Partners   Tree Stories    
  Objects of Curiosity Exhibit | Sasse Museum of Art      
  Objects of Curiosity
Stories from the Art
      Sasse Museum of Art: Soul Stories uniting spirit & matter abstractly | Curated by: Fr. Bill Moore  
  The Art of Mary-Ann Prack   My Last Art Beats | Fr. Bill  
Soul Stories
  Sasse Museum of Art: Block Prints by Milfoed Zornes   Sasse Museum of Art: Art & Architecture   Sasse Museum of Art: Art; Theater for the Mind  
  Milford Zornes: Block Prints   Art & Architecture    
  Sasse Museum of Art: 14 Stations | Art of Fr. Bill Moore & Louisa Jenkins      
    The Art of Deenagh Miller   Edward Weston: Perpetual Existence  
  The Art of Ginger Lai     A Public Conversation  
  Sasse Museum of Art: The Ramona Pageant Fresco by Milford Zornes   Sasse Museum of Art: Spring from the Collection    
  Ramona Fresco   Spring from the Collection   Indigenous  
  Fragments: an archeology of memory     Female Artists: Past & Present  
  Presidental Images   Joanna Mersereau: Artist in Review   Visions of Elysium  
      Portraits: from the Collection      


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