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  Sustained Resilience   Bearing Witness   Art of the word  
  Native American Artists
Couples & Partners
  Indigenous   Words & Images   Pairs: from the collection  
      Sasse Museum of Art:  Dear Vincent A psychologist turned artist writes back to Van Gogh  
  4 UK Artists & Their Stories  
A Dialog with Nature
Dear Vincent
  The Ekphrasis Collection   Tree Chronicles   Artists from Ireland  
  Art & Stories   Stories from the Art   Ground Zero  
    Objects of Curiosity Exhibit | Sasse Museum of Art   Sasse Museum of Art: Soul Stories uniting spirit & matter abstractly | Curated by: Fr. Bill Moore  
  The Torso Project   Objects of Curiosity  
Soul Stories
  The Art of Ginger Lai   The Art of Deenagh Miller   The Nativity  
  Sasse Museum of Art: Spring from the Collection     Sasse Museum of Art: 14 Stations | Art of Fr. Bill Moore & Louisa Jenkins  
  Spring from the Collection   The Art of Mary-Ann Prack  
14 Stations
  Sasse Museum of Art: Block Prints by Milfoed Zornes   Sasse Museum of Art: The Ramona Pageant Fresco by Milford Zornes   Sasse Museum of Art: Art; Theater for the Mind  
  Milford Zornes: Block Prints   Ramona Fresco    
      Sasse Museum of Art: Art & Architecture  
  The Capitol Freize   Edward Weston: Perpetual Existence   Art & Architecture  
  Symbols   The Art of Karlis Neilis   A Public Conversation  
  Joanna Mersereau: Artist in Review   Presidental Images   My Last Art Beats | Fr. Bill  
  Female Artists: Past & Present   Fragments: an archeology of memory   Visions of Elysium  


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