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  A Journey to Uganda: Paintings by Milford Zornes 8.5" x 11" Softcover 2019
106 Pages 97 Illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9842797-1-5
by: Hal Baker




In 1986 Milford Zornes went to Uganda, Africa to do a series of paintings for the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma. The paintings were to be sold to pay for the trip and to finance church outreach in Uganda.

Milford was in the southern part of Uganda for almost a month during November and December. He produced a significant number of large watercolors, about a dozen smaller ones plus several sketch books of drawings. Because he sometimes put the names of places where he was during the trip we have a good idea of where he went. We don’t know the names of towns where he stayed other than Kampala.

On the flight to Entebbe, Uganda Milford wrote “Vagabond” which is really a description of his lifelong desire to travel. He wrote several other parts of what were to be a book about his trip, to be published through the University of Oklahoma, but it was never finished. This book is an attempt to finish what Milford started.  

The paintings Milford did are the major focus of this book. They are Milford’s own story of what he saw and experienced. There is just enough of his written record to help us understand why Milford wanted to go to Uganda and what he was thinking and doing during his stay.

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