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Milford Zornes: Block Prints

8.5" x 8.5" Softcover 2020
51 Pages 24 Illustrations




The block printing process is the oldest form of printing and goes back centuries, and
has it’s unique character and gives the artist the opportunity to reveal his individuality
as well.

There are ways to accomplish multi colored block prints but the tradition is primarily black and white high contrast images. The process starts with a drawing on paper and then tracing it on to the linoleum or wood block surface, usually a reverse image since when it is printed you get a reverse image which would be like the original drawing. After it is traced on to the block the artist then does it in ink again on the block surface and now it is ready to be carved. Everything that is white is carved away and the black areas remain. Printers ink is rolled on to the linoleum or wood block surface and then paper is placed on the inked surface and is rubbed by hand with a barren in order to transfer the ink to the paper.

Relief block printmaking is respected as original art work, since the artist does the
drawing and the carving in to the wood or linoleum block. There are a few other forms
of original printmaking along with block prints including intaglio, lithography, silk
screen and mono types. Each process has its own unique character.

Bill Anderson


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