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Lori Markman

Magical Landscapes offers viewers a welcome respite from the continual daily barrage of current events. Her landscape collages are inspired by the calm, tranquility, and harmony of traditional Japanese landscape art. The series was born during the recent global pandemic- a response to ongoing and widespread negative social, political, and global conditions coupled with the need for human connection and goodwill. Seductive in their serenity yet playful spatially, Markman’s recent works are a satisfying connection to history, tradition, and the sublime. In spite of their magical quality, her works are rooted in reality, inviting the viewer to find peace in the world around them.

Markman begins with an image that resonates with her; that image becomes a springboard to create an entirely different landscape, guided by astute instinct and imagination. She then adds found text, images, and/or other papers to create a magical place of illogical scenery. The resulting landscapes enclose the viewer in a space of both definition and ambiguity. With her contemplative, meditative work, Markman offers a rich interior landscape well worth exploring.


“In this exhibition I wanted to explore how we can interact and work together in a world that feels both hyper connected through technology and yet at the same time, on a human level, can feel so disconnected.  That disconnect can lead to negative and unreal meaning.” Lori Markman, artist

The Little House
Moon, Stars, Mountains, Water in Blue
Jul 7th - Aug 13th 2023

300 South Thomas Street
Pomona, CA 91766

Bathing in the Lake in Winter
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