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May 13th - June 25th 2023

The Woven exhibit is a collaboration between the Sasse and Hambly & Hambly art gallery that showcases the diverse works of contemporary artists from different countries. The exhibit's title, WOVEN, suggests the art pieces are intertwined, woven together, and that they represent different communities and cultures that are brought together to create a cohesive whole.

The exhibit is a multi-disciplinary showcase featuring different art forms, such as paintings, sculptures, installations, and mixed media pieces, among others. The works on display demonstrate how contemporary art can transcend cultural and geographical boundaries, and serve as a medium for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue.

The participating artists from the UK, Ireland, France, and the USA bring their unique perspectives, artistic styles, and cultural backgrounds to the exhibit, making it a rich and diverse experience. The works on display highlight issues that are relevant to contemporary society, such as identity, social justice, and the environment.

The WOVEN exhibit offers a platform for artists to engage with the public and spark conversations about art, culture, and society. It provides a space for visitors to connect with art in a meaningful way, and learn about the diverse perspectives and experiences of artists from different countries.

Overall, the WOVEN exhibit is an exciting collaboration that showcases the power of art to bring people together, bridge cultural divides, and create a more inclusive and connected world.

Eamon Colman
Rita Duffy


Deena Capparelli
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