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My photographic journey began almost 50 years ago documenting what I saw, my friends, my family and my neighborhood, but I didn’t embrace photography as a creative art form until many years later. I still find myself exploring, camera in hand, documenting my surroundings, the people, the light and the shadows. My images tell stories of places that I have visited and moments I have chosen to share. Among those places are our cities, which fascinate me with their tall buildings, deep shadows, reflecting light and people going about their daily business.

In 1982, the song “Walking in L.A.” by the new wave band Missing Persons, poked fun at Los Angeles for its dependence on cars with the refrain — “Nobody walks in LA”. We may not walk much, but its not just about cars anymore, we stroll, we saunter and we strut our stuff on bikes and scooters wherever we go. This black and white exhibition focuses on high contrast, urban cityscapes which reflect an eerie sense of peace and tranquility. The landscape is the hero, with the people in them subject to the power of their surroundings.
Wrapped in our daily cocoon of routine, we obliviously move past cityscapes painted by light and shadows. In this series of images I explore the unique architecture of Los Angeles, some of it loved, some of it hated and some of it completely unnoticed. 

About the Artist

Eric M Renard ( is one of California’s Leading contemporary Fine Art Photographers. His passion for photography was ignited at Tufts University in Boston, where he studied under Siegfried Halus. After graduating, Eric went to San Francisco and worked as an architectural real estate photographer before moving to Los Angeles. Recent exhibitions have explored the modern world through black & white photography, though he is equally well-known for his distinctive color work reflecting classic California images. 

Eric’s photography has found its way into art galleries in London, Budapest, New York, Texas, Oregon, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut and across California. His photography has received numerous Best of Show awards and has been published in both books and photography magazines, including the cover of Black & White magazine. He is also on the board of directors for several non-profit art organizations in Los Angeles, helping to organize and promote local art exhibits

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