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  Curated by:  Ahmad Shariff  

The world is collage to Jackie Leishman. Even when she was mainly working with photography, she was always trying to build more layers, attempting to break the physical picture plane. That need to see what happens in the fractures and meeting places pushed her further away from the photograph and more into an in-between space, a space that collage claims. She pulls from drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking to explore that in-between space, a space that is felt. A space that is both/and. Feeling breaks against what is seen. The seen and the unseen are sometimes at odds and sometimes not. The still life, landscape, or figure is the way in. It holds the form through which she works with and against. The subjects were not the end goal but a beginning place. 

  Mar 9th- Apr 27th 2024    


    300 South Thomas Street
Pomona, CA 91766
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