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This is not your universe. My Universe is a photographic exhibition created by Chaffey College’s Fine Art Photography course which centers upon ideas of world building and how the personal is mediated through the artist's photographs. This exhibition is a response to the artist's interpretation of their world, whether it be the banal gaze of the day-to-day or intricately made sets and props, each artist brings their unique perspective of their world. Often, the perspectives of others are disregarded, especially at a time when so many images are captured and so little time is spent actually observing images. 

The artists in this exhibition draw upon ideas of making, centering, and renewing. They present these themes of world building with making by literally building, with centering by the absorption of an idea, and with renewing by challenging a perspective.

My Universe ultimately offers a space where the artist's photographs and unique perspective are not just glanced at, but seen and observed holistically.

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