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  Curator:  Shuai Xu  

The Realm of Possibilities exhibition encourages artists to embark on a journey of exploration with their unique artistic perspectives, delving into the realms of space, time, objects, and emotions. Within the confines of the tangible world, this exhibition seeks to uncover the endless possibilities of art, showcasing the artists’ distinctive visions and their interpretations of the concept The Realm of Possibilities.

This exhibition advocates for a harmonious union of rich intellectual content and creative artistic expression, enabling viewers to join the artists in exploring the boundless imagination and potentialities that art offers. This esteemed exhibition, titled The Realm of Possibilities is where people gather together to celebrate the inspiring and transformative power of arts and culture, and to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world. It is a significant international event for young artists.

Organized by the Ginkgo Art Gallery and Whos Museum. Fostering international artistic exchange among emerging talents in the art world.




 Chelsea Ning, Chong Liu, Cindy Zhaoyue Chen, Fang Xu,
 Haibin Huang, Haiwei (Jojo) Yeh, Hanqin Wang, Jiayi Li,
 Lili Wang, Shizun Huang, Shuyu Li, Sigrid Qian, Xianshu Zhu,
Yaoqianying Jiang, Yezi Lou, Yiqing He, Yu Xi, and Jiayi Zhao

  Feb 1st-25th 2024    
    300 South Thomas Street
Pomona, CA 91766
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