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  curator: Yuntong(Momo) Wu    

jury: Shuai Xu & Gene Sasse


Art is a realm where sensibility intertwines with creativity, allowing artists to express their innermost feelings and ideas allowing creativity to speak in its own unique voice.


Un-Defined Sensibility is a group exhibition that challenges the conventional definition of art forms through the dynamic and diverse creations by contemporary artists.

The “Un-Defined Sensibility” is a juried group exhibition bridges the boundaries of conformity and modernity, presenting a body of digital art, photography, painting, sculpture, videography, and graphic design. Through cityscapes that depict the fantasy scene of urban life, botanicals that narrate the intricate lines and spaces among the leaves, and abstractions that questions the substance of perceptions, the artworks collectively create an interactive dialogue between the internal and the external world. The "Un-Defined Sensibility" exhibition aims to un-define and re-examine the intersubjective connection that art interweaves among viewers, the local community.

This exhibition encourages its viewers to use their genuine sensibilities to un-define the established ones, as well as other complexities and complements in contemporary society.

Chi Haibo
  Artist: Chi Haibo, Gumi Guihan Lu, Hao Ding, Peipei Li, Pingyu(Layla) Zhan, Sean Jiaxing Guo, Xi He, Xiaobi(Iris) Pan, Yasong Wang & Wei Wang & Hong Qiu, Yating Liu, Yizhen(Cassie) Li, Yuwei(Rita) Li, Zhaochen Vincent Wu, Zheng Ren & Haiyue Bai, Zhiheng Gong, Zhisheng Wu.
Zhiheng Gong
Yuwei (Rita) Li
  Jun 7th- Jun 29th 2024  
Sean Jiaxing Guo
    300 South Thomas Street
Pomona, CA 91766
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