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He was born pn May 11, 1940 in the city of Hotin, Romania (later Ukraine). He graduated from Ludwik Roth High School in Medias, Romania where he went to school at night while working in the factory during the day. Later he enrolled in the Army where he was recruited for over 3 years. At 23 years old he was accepted into the Academy of Arts in the city of Cluj, Romania which he graduated with a Master degree first in class, Magna cum Laude.

He started working everyday on his art as he still does today. During the next ten years he managed a furniture department in a factory in Bucharest and later in 1971 he was accepted into the Romanian Academy of Artists. While working in his studio many hours a day, he also worked as a Designer and later as Art Director for several publications throughout the years. He mastered all art techniques and graphics and he participated to many art shows and exhibitions in Romania where he was nominated for many awards and he received the National Award for Graphic Art. He also had many International shows and exhibitions in Rome, Prague, Bratislava, Santiago de Chile, San Marino, Helsinki, Viena, Detroit, Varsowia, Portugal, Israel, Slovenia. During this time he worked as a Professor at the Art Academy of Bucharest for many years. 

His art work was also selected for large Interational shows in  Leipzig, Baden Baden, Norvegia and he also participated to the creation of large murals in the Gorki Park in Moskow and large mural in Kiew. Victor considers that he started as an Artist later on in life as an adult without anyone encouraging him on this path except himself. "I am lucky that I discovered a world where emotions and hard work go together hand in hand and where reality can become abstract."

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