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Step into the vibrant watercolor worlds created by renowned brother artists Richard and Marciano Martinez in this breathtaking new exhibition. Though working in the same fluid medium, each artist has developed his own distinct style and perspective that will transport viewers to realms of brilliant color, dazzling light, and rich emotional resonance.

Richard Martinez's watercolors capture the ethereal beauty of the natural world with a painter's reverence. His landscapes brim with life, inviting you to lose yourself in vistas of sunlight dancing on ocean waves, meadows awakening with wildflowers, and forests sculpted by wind and weather. With a masterful command of translucent pigments, Richard imbues even the most mundane scenes with a sense of the sublime.

Marciano Martinez's works speak a more abstract visual language rooted in the subconscious mind. His bold washes of pigment intermingle in kaleidoscopic harmonies, conjuring primal connections to the earth's raw elements. Immersed in Marciano's watercolors, one feels tapped into the eternal flow of nature's powerful currents shaping and reshaping our realm. These are mystic visions that stir the soul.

Though following their own artistic muses, the brothers share a profound reverence for the watercolor medium's innate spontaneity and expressive potential. Their paintings remind us that when water and pigment unite on paper, there is potential for alchemy - to capture the ineffable dynamics of light, energy, and the inner worlds of emotion. In this exhibition, Richard and Marciano Martinez invite you to experience the full luminous range of their transcendent watercolor visions
Maricano Martinez
Richard Martinez
    May 3rd- Jun 29th 2024  
    300 South Thomas Street
Pomona, CA 91766
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